Business Partner

John Collinson


Director of Collinson & Co. John founded Collinson & Co in 1994. John has been involved in the financial markets since 1985 with senior treasury roles specialist in foreign exchange markets within Citibank New Zealand and with Bankers Trust, London.

Hugh Going


Excutive Director of Collinson Funds. Hugh involved in the financial markets since the early 1980s, He is a member of Financial Advice New Zealand (FANZ), a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) as a certified member of the Institute of Finance Professionals NZ Inc.

Michael Beech


Excutive Director of Collinson Funds. Michael is a Chartered Financial Analyst (professional member of the CFA institute), over 20 years in fund management experience.

Campbell Cormack


Excutive Director of Collinson Funds. Campbell is a director of Collinson Funds Management Limited. He is a licensed financial advisor with over 20 years’ experience in banking, private wealth and investment management.

Ally Zhang


Executive Director. More than 30 years of rich experience in Internet, media, investment, finance and other fields at home and abroad

Served as a senior manager of the corporate finance department of an international accounting firm, and served as a senior executive in a number of Chinese and overseas listed companies. He has a deep understanding of Internet media and the financial industry, and is good at Internet financial company management and investor relations.

I have lived in Australia and New Zealand for 20 years and traveled to more than 60 countries. Based on the past 30 years of working experience in China and overseas, I have a deep understanding of the different management methods and communication barriers across regions and industries caused by cultural differences between the East and the West.

In response to the core needs of domestic high-net-worth individuals for overseas immigration, home ownership, children's education, and wealth inheritance, it focuses on providing overseas family offices and cross-border investment and financing services.

Laker Zhang


Senior Partner of Collinson Funds, Managing Director of Collinson Crowdfunding and Collinson Mortgages. Laker is passionate about helping New Zealand businesses to access the capital they need to grow and succeed. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and has over 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector, including working for banks and operating his own successful mortgage advisor business.

Laker’s strong background and networks support Collinson Team to provide innovative services in an exciting new sector.

Samuel Tang


Board member of Collinson Funds. Samuel has worked within the financial market for 14 years, who has also been involved trading in a number of financial products as well as managing a sales team to provide financial advice to commercial and individual clients.

He forges new relationships in the market to ensure growth within the business with innovative solutions and efficient products to achieve increased client value and growth of market share.

Elton Lau


Elton has worked in China's financial market for more than 15 years, expert in financial products structure and corporate financing transactions.

He was a Fix income fund manager in Shanghai, China. Specializes in bonds, fixed income markets and macroeconomics, provid investment planning for fixed income or other high-growth investment products.

Elton understands the local New Zealand market as well as the global market.

Business Partner

Thomas Fu


Immigration Partner. Graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with a major in immigration law. He has worked and lived in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Singapore for 25 years. He has been engaged in the immigration and investment industry for 20 years. He is a senior international immigration and overseas asset allocation expert; authoritatively handles the rapid investment naturalization of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Nations and various categories in Australia and New Zealand Investment immigration and entrepreneur immigration, good at providing tailor-made immigration status configuration solutions for high-net-worth individuals, serving customers all over the world; currently the executive director and president of US-Australia New Investment Group Co., Ltd. and US-Australia New Investment Immigration

Zhuo Liang


VFO Partner. Graduated from Monash University in Australia with multiple degrees in business management, marketing, financial accounting, econometrics, etc., a senior overseas family office and asset allocation professional, with more than 10 years of experience in investment fields such as technology, culture, and innovation, understand The financial investment resources in Australia and New Zealand have formed a complete family VFO service system from Australia to the world, providing family customers with one-stop services in Australia and New Zealand - from asset management, tax compliance, family inheritance, To the personal butler and other services.

Ken Xi


Fund Partner. Postgraduate degree in Marketing from Massey University in New Zealand. Nearly 25 years of experience in the Internet, software and online financial markets in China, Australia, and New Zealand. Has worked in Microsoft, McAfee, Sohu, Ogilvy and other companies. He has also participated in venture capital projects such as the Australian Digital Bank.