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Vision: Discover and creat value, escort smart investors

Provide professional financial and foreign exchange services for invesetor intending to enter Australia and New Zealand

TASM is critial part of Collinson Funds and Webizlink NZ

Collinson & Co

  • Established in 1994 as a New Zealand owned.

  • Provides a complete range of services globally including Foreign exchange, Wealth Management, Advisory, Crowd Funding and Funds

  • Testament to the professionalism and competitiveness and of our service is the fact banks themselves use us to arrange currency exchanges between each other, and have done so for many years.

  • Collinson Crowdfunding is licensed to provide innovative equity crowdfunding service by the Financial Markets Authority.

  • Chinese migrant investment and finance professionals

Webizlink NZ

  • The most influential Chinese Financial Media in New Zealand

  • 80% Local Chinese Coverage,62% of the users are local businesses and families with investment capabilities

  • Provide comprehensive invest information for investor to understand local market.

| Values: Professional, Rigorous, Meticulous, Efficient |

Global expertise, focus local:

  • Expert, specialised in helping offshore investors navigate the investment landscape and acquire good quality assets.

  • Offer a range of investment services across equities, real estate and fixed interest including real estate finance, tailor make to suit individual purpose.

  • Providing customized investment solutions that meet AU and NZ investment residence permits

  • Specific services provided include scoping of the transaction, advice on valuation, transaction management, assisting with due diligence and negotiation of key commercial terms.

  • For example, Greenfern Industries listed in New Zealand Stock exchange (GFI.NZX) 18 month after successful crowdfunding by Collinson Crowdfunding.

Stable return base on good risk control